Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing Bella Sophia

While Bella Sophia is no newcomer to having photo shoots this will be her online debut.  Cute as ever she will be just as good a model for further photo shoots.  Who knows maybe one a month to create a calender, we'll just have to see if the DIVA comes out or not. Haha! Also have to mention she is such a champ, she really endured the heat to be the best model.  After this shoot I've definitely learned a few little tricks to photographing dogs, most importantly-have treats at ready! -S  

All photographs Copyright 1987 Photography

Casual Stroll

What began as a way to be outdoors for the evening turned into a nice stroll with a million reminders of the simpler things in life.  For the hour or so of shooting I was able to really stop and smell the flowers. -S

All photos Copyright 1987 Photography